Taking a Day at a time!!!

Since the beginning of they year I really haven’t done much except for crying. There hasn’t been a day or night that I can recall that I haven’t had pain. I’ve gone to several doctors and they all have the same diagnosis, honestly I am starting to give up. My mouth is so soar, my throat hurts , my stomach ache and burns like fire, I’ve lost 20 pound and yet it’s something so simple as gastritis. Really I don’t believe a Mild gastritis would cause such an excruciating pain. My diet is so blend it consists of white rice and boiled chicken. Many suggest fruits and veggies and trust me when I say I’ve tried but it just irritates my stomach even more, I have tried Lactose milk but it just causes me sever heart burn. Over counter anti acids doesn’t work at all with me. My medication isn’t working  I feel like I’m going crazy. I write today with pain in my stomach and with bitterness in my mouth begging and praying every night and day basically every second for all of it to stop. I’ve even consider traveling out of the country to find a different answer , an answer that would make sense to what is wrong with me , in fact you might think I’m crazy but I’ve even consider the possibility of witchcraft. I mean I do have some people who really hate me. I am not only losing my mind but I am losing everything. For starters I have lost my job, I’ve lost my smile I do not recall how to smile anymore, I am losing my family because I am so moody and always crying for the pain I’m in . In other words I am losing myself I honestly hope all this to stop, I pray for it to be a nightmare. But sadly it’s not this is my reality and It feels like I’m dying. 


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