My Point of view written down out loud.

Together we can stop Ebola!!!

Together we can stop Ebola!!!

It Breaks my heart to know that I am here in my room laying down in bed watching movie and simply enjoy life; while others in Africa or in wherever it might have hit are suffering from one of the most deadliest Virus in history. I won’t lie but I personally do get frighten or spooked out from what I’ve heard and seen in the Media. Ebola, if I am not mistaken and from what I have heard its a Virus that can be or is contracted by any body fluids from an infected person.  I have also done some of my research with the sufficient free time I have had and I have read that symptoms start two days to three weeks after contracting the virus, with a fever, sore throat, headaches and muscle pain. And that after a while it’s typical for an infected person to start with, vomiting, diarrhea, and rash along with liver and kidney failing and that is when a person who has been infected begins to bleed both within the body and externally. It has to be an excruciating pain for someone undergoing through all that. In one hand I feel for those people who are suffering, but at the same time I do get angry. I heard that there was a time when they were warning people not to eat bush meat because it was one of the primary suspects for the cause of the Ebola. Many ignored the warning and kept on eating bush meat. There’s where my anger hit, why on earth would they keep on eating something that might trigger them to contracted the virus, but then I realized that in Africa there is a lot of poverty and food is really scarce that hunting for food is the only thing that kept their tummies satisfied. But still some are infected with the virus and they are traveling and getting others infected. This just makes me quite scared because recently here in America we had a recent case of a man that had traveled from Liberia to Texas and was infected with the virus unfortunately he recently died. These things make me think that people don’t care for others. I am an International Student I come from a 3rd world country called Belize I recalled living back home I never had to worry about any such things like this. Life out there is really calm and peaceful. I’ve said to myself if it comes to the part that I contracted the virus I won’t move from this country, I will seek for help of course , but me travelling back to my home country and getting them infected is not on my list. I rather die here and prevent others from getting ill than to move to a place that a virus like this could simply be destructive. I understand that Africans are scared because they are living in the center of the chaos, but seriously I have seen that communication has been terrible with one another. People are scared yes I completely and truly understand it normal because they are plenty of dead corpses all around the place, but if you sit down and think for a minute and realize that if everyone helped out this wouldn’t have been an outbreak. And again who am I to judge? You are right I am no one, just a simple ignorant student who is trying to survive in this world like anybody else. I do sincerely and deeply feel for those who are suffering, for those who had lost family members. And for those who are undergoing with the virus at this precise moment. I do apologize to anyone if this message was a little too harsh.


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