YESTERDAY… No One Helped; Not Even me.

One family

One family


Like Jet Li once said “ I believe the WORLD is one big family and we need to help each other.” I totally agree with his brave words, But the question of the day is how many have actually tried helping ? We can all say “I’ve tried!” but think about it ,take a second to think about it and ask yourself, “how has trying helped?” Anyways my point is that wanting to help is not helping, we should help instead of just wanting. Do you get my point? Yesterday on my way home from work I saw a man who for sure needed some help. Instead of me stopping and give him a hand I just sat there in the car staring at him just wanting to help but I didn’t .That man didn’t looked like a drunk, but what those that have to do with the fact that I didn’t do anything to help. What if he is a decent man that was walking home and got robbed and beaten up? The only one thing I did was nothing.  No one around him helped him up, no one. What if that was one of my family member or me? What if that was you? I ask my self  what has the world become to? No one helps, but everybody tries to. And most people will say at least you wanted to try , but that no excuse for not giving a hand when you can. It doesn’t matter if he was drunk, helping doesn’t come with a specific tag who you should help. Help every single soul you can, and  every time you can Just HELP.


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