Belize, Home sweet Home!


Did you know I actually lived in PARADISE for seventeen (17) years of my life? Well I did; I never really thought of it that way, until moving away from HOME and starting a new life in a new strange world. It’s funny how living in a big city with bigger dream and bigger space (huge country)  is just not good enough for some. Lets just say that it would be nice to have both big city and my PARADISE all in one. Anyways back to what I call my Paradise, my PARADISE is a small country located below Mexico and above Guatemala; in other words its in-between those two countries. When I typically describe my country most human being have zero (0) clue of what I am saying. I have to go into phone (luckily I have smart phone) click on the web logo, then I Google a world map (if you don’t know it Google it). As soon as I show them where my Paradise is located some say “oh isn’t that part of Guatemala?” others simply say “wow I never knew that place existed”. Exactly, not so many people get the chance to know about that one small amazing place_for a reason; I am just kidding. That paradise is a small country with a minimum population of 300,000 human beings. The most amazing part is that its the only country in the Caribbean that speaks both Spanish and English (due to the fact that England is our mother country and we are in between both mexico and Guatemala boarder) and also it’s a melting pot of different ethnicity; such as Mestizo, Kriol, Mayan ,Multiethnic, Garinagu, German (Mennonite), East Indian, and others. Belize is one of kind, its a third world country but who really cares? It is so beautiful and peaceful, it has amazing places to visit such as Mayan ruin, the Great blue whole, The barrier reef (the second longest barrier reef), and lots of lots of Jungle. Belize is divided into 6 districts COROZAL(that’s where I’m from), ORANGE WALK, BELIZE CITY, CAYO, STANN CREEK and TOLEDO. All that beauty and I am still living away from home. I am blessed to be part of that PARADISE . I recommend to all those out there who want tranquility and beauty to visit Belize.


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